Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jimmy & Jake at breakfast -- new scene stuff

The new weekly YouTube Island Wars scene was just put up last night, and here it is! It's a scene of Jimmy coming downstairs to find that his dog, Jake, has already made breakfast for him and everything! What a nice dog.

Wow, what a strange, questionably edited scene! Enjoyy!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Island Wars clips every week!

That's right, we've started putting up clips of Island Wars every week over on our YouTube channel. They'll be going up from now until eternity (or at least until we've put up the entirety of what was filmed). So go head on over to our page and check it out. The first two videos are already up, with a new one coming Thursday! Check em out below, as well...

The long awaited Jimmy Rap!! (what was filmed of it)

And also part of the awesome scene that takes place during Jimmy's evil "Gala"

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update con Graphics

Hey guys! Quick update from Island Wars! Yeah it still exists... sort of. Just FYI for everyone it's definitely going to be out this summer, so get ready for the ultimate thrill ride of a movie that's been SO LONG in the making that you probably should even care anymore!! Excited yet? Yeah, SO AM I!!!

So with that said, I thought I'd share a little random info that will probably only be interesting if you're dead tired and it's 3 AM like I am. It has to do with graphics. That's right, below you will find TWO ACTUAL SCREEN SHOTS FROM ISLAND WARS! Actually that's a complete lie, the two screen shots are from a scene we actually decided to cut originally. I just felt very inspired two days ago and decided to make a little test sequence anyways. Yeah that's right, not even the two images below are fully finished yet. And if it looks good enough, who knows, we might just add it back into the film.

The story behind the pictures: Without revealing too much, in the first picture we are obviously traveling through space in a Star Trek shuttle craft. In the second, we have come across some sort of wormhole/rip in space, and we're about to get sucked in! AHHHHIEEIGFH#@!(YRPODN!CFF!#PO2Y

So anyways enjoy! For those of you who want more info on how I made the two pictures, check out the post I put up over on the Umbrellaman Studios blog. It has all the details and specs. Also we have a LOST podcast up on iTunes and are doing a side-project. Lastly, I have up my own site and blog at, so go check it out and say "Hi!"

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Better Late Than Never! (I Hope...)

Well, this post is a little late. Actually it's not only late in the respect that we said we'd have it up a few days ago, but also that I'm starting to write this at midnight! Get it? It's "punny".

Anyways, we are here to bring yet another update. Actually this time we have THREE updates. First off we'd like to mention the Facebook Fan Page. Although it's still great, it seems our recruiting rate has severely decreased! Right now we have 133 fans, though, and that is still something to be proud of.

Another update: I FINALLY HAVE ALL OF THE FOOTAGE ON ONE HARD DRIVE HERE ON CAMPUS! Though some of you may not find that update as interesting, it is extremely important in the post-production phase. Before, I had half of the footage we had filmed on my external drive here at school, and the other half of it stored on a different hard drive back home. This obviously made it incredibly hard to edit the movie as a whole. In short: editing will commence at a much faster rate now!

The third update isn't as much an update as it is a reminder about the "Jimmy Rap." As we have announced previously, we will release the Jimmy Rap once the Facebook Fan Page reaches 150 fans. Saying that right now we're at 133, that goal isn't that far off. To be honest, the editing for the video isn't complete yet, but I will try everything I know how to get it done by the 150-fan-mark! All that's left is for you guys to INVITE INVITE INVITE!

Also if you guys were wondering where the "Island Wars Awkward Moment" was this week, we decided to wait until this Sunday to release the next installment. Plus, we just finished a new trailer for you guys anyway, so don't be complainin'! We'll have more info for you guys soon!

Happy Trails,

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Celebratory 100-Fan Post! New Trailer, Videos, and More!

Hello once again, our faithful slaves. Wow, a lot has happened since the last blog entry! First off, though...

WE HAVE REACHED 100 FANS ON THE ISLAND WARS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! WOOHOO! This actually happened last week, but we haven't updated the blog since then. As of this writing, the Island Wars page has 113 fans. We cannot thank you guys enough for the support! Honestly if it wasn't for the show of support or fans asking us constantly "when is it coming out? We must see it!" we probably wouldn't have kept it up. We told you guys we'd do something cool for the 100-fan-mark, and we did! As those of you following the Facebook page already know, we released a NEW Island Wars trailer. This is pretty big, saying there was only one trailer and one teaser out before now. Truth be told, though, this it's much more like an extended "Island Wars Awkward Moment" video (which is not a bad thing at all). We saw the success of the "Awkward Moment" videos and translated it into a trailer! So enjoy the trailer below! (video below)

Second to note is that we came out with a NEW "Island Wars Awkward Moment" video. Well, okay, most of you have probably already seen it since we made a big deal of it on the fan page, but it is there nonetheless! We have decided to post these weekly every Sunday, so mark your calendar! This awkward moment features the wonderful acting of guest star Brody Barrett, who plays a newscaster named Boo Ryan (obviously nothing like the famous northern Virginia weatherman BOB Ryan!). It's just a tiny clip from a much longer scene featuring (in our opinion) one of the funniest parts of the entire movie. (video below)

The reason we didn't release a new "Awkward Moment" video yesterday was because we released a new trailer instead, and we didn't want to steal the heat from either of them. Thus, the new "Awkward Moment" video will be released this Wednesday (two days from now, for those who calendarily-challenged).

Though it isn't related to Island Wars at all, we came out with a random video on our YouTube page called "Man Thinks He's Taylor Swift." The man is Jimmy, and the video is of his best rendition of "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift. While it's not Island Wars, it's still Umbrellaman, and most people who have seen it say it's funny. (video below)

Well, enjoy the new videos and new info! Oh, and as always there IS MORE COMING SOON! Remember to become a fan on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more cool awesome radical snaztastic stuff.

Happy Trails,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Island Wars Release and New YouTube Series

Well hello again, guys! What did I tell you in the last post? I told you there would be some big Island Wars updates coming soon, and I wasn't lying. Just as this post's title says, we do have a tentative release date set. Buuut, before you find out when that is, there is even more cool information that you NEED to know about!

First off, we have begun a new weekly video series on YouTube of "Awkward Moments" from Island Wars. They're just short little clips of things that (in some cases taken out of context) just seem funny and/or awkward. Believe me, there are PLENTY, and we hope to keep this series up until the film releases on... wait a second! There's still more information before you get to figure out the release date! But seriously, go watch it, rate it, and comment on it! Oh and while you're there click the "Subscribe" button on the video description. The video itself is below.

Second, we FINALLY have got the Facebook "Fan Page" up and running for Island Wars earlier today. Go on the page and click "Become a Fan" and any status updates or new info can be shown on your homepage just like any of your friends' status updates! I invited a bunch of people, but we need everyone to also invite their friends. There is a Fan Page Box below, which shows live updates from the fan page.

Island Wars on Facebook

Let's get the word out about Island Wars and expand the fan base! We only have until the film releases in... well I suppose it's finally time for the tentative release date to be revealed. You all HAVE waited long enough, and have even had to read this entire post. Thus, (drum roll please!)

Island Wars will be released this winter break! Woohoo! We think it seems like the best time to release it. It will give us time to work out any of the kinks in production, and many of the fans who are looking forward to it will be home from college by then. Don't worry, we plan to show it more than once, and hopefully produce DVD's for people to take with them. Along with this we hope to also release the film online after it's first few airings, though we are still looking for the best way to do this. More info will be coming soon, so STAY TUNED!

Happy Trails,

(PS the "Facebook Fan Box" shown in this post is also permanently at the very bottom of this page, and there is also a constant "Twitter Updates" feed on the top left of this page. Once again, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEW Information Coming Soon!

Woah, woah, woah! Hold up here! What is this? Is this seriously a NEW blog post? "NEW Information?" What is all this about? I thought you guys had just decided to not release the movie and quit updating the blog!

This is what some of you may be thinking right now. But since you thought it would be too awkward to start talking to your computer screen, I took the liberty of writing down exactly what your mind was thinking. Now if the above is indeed what you were thinking, then give yourself a pat on the back! You are now officially labeled a fool!

Honestly, why on earth would we spend so much time and effort filming, editing, getting the word out, writing scripts, and even getting in the school newspaper just to give up on it?? This is why you are a fool, and why you fail at being you.

Ahem, now that the formalities are out of the way we can start talking about the movie updates! For those of you who have been following our progress, obviously the movie did not come out of the initial release date. We apologize to those of you who have been repeatedly asking us about the movie. The simple answer is: it wasn't finished and we wanted to make it good! Now if you're looking for a complicated answer, well... there isn't one, but I could make one up for you if you want!

The point of this post is to let you all know that there is going to be some BIG Island Wars information coming soon. And I'm not just talking blog post big, I'm talking possibly-NEW-TRAILER-with-OFFICIAL-RELEASE-DATE big! Yes, we will be announcing the release date soon, and we are taking into account that many of our followers are leaving to go off to college or just go back to school in general. Don't worry, we have some super-awesome amazingly cool plan that everyone will like... hopefully! Oh, and the official Jimmy Rap music video will be released soon on our YouTube Channel to help promote the movie, so keep watching for that! Follow this blog on Facebook, and subscribe to us on YouTube for updates and new videos! (you can also do some random "Google Friend Connect" thing if you also have a blog, it's on the left-hand side of this page)

Keep watching for updates!

Happy Trails,

(Below are two poor-quality images I took while editing! Enjoy!)

In a forest... obviously


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Island Wars on Facebook

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