Monday, March 30, 2009

Craziness On Set

Hey everyone!

It tends to get a little crazy on set, and we end up saying some incredibly retarded things occasionally (especially Jimmy). Here's a little peek at the craziness that goes on while we're filming!

Love Always,


Monday, March 23, 2009

Island Wars Car Chase (First Part, Partly Edited)

Here it is! For those of you who haven't yet seen it, or those who have and want to again! The first part of the Island Wars opening car chase scene!

This clip was actually not supposed to be released so early in the filming process, but through a long line of unusual events *cough* Jimmy putting it on Facebook *cough* the video was released. Since there was such great feedback for the clip, (and the fact that it has over 600 views on YouTube) we decided to keep the clip up online. (Just kidding, Jimmy, we love you)

The car chase has come along way from this clip, with further editing and sound changes and even new footage. The car chase now also includes a chase on foot, a back story, an explosion, more guns, and even more epic Bourne music! But for now, enjoy the partly edited version below!

Check back soon for more Island Wars updates, info, videos, posts, and more!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the Votes Are In! Shirts!

Well a bit over a week ago we posted the first poll dealing with Island Wars. We had been pondering for a while whether we should make and sell some Island Wars shirts. We weren't sure if anyone would want one, so we decided to ask you all!

Well 25 of you voted, and it looks like we will be making at least a few Island Wars shirts!

16 of you (64%)picked the top choice "I would totally get one!"
7 of you (24%) chose "I would like it!"
2 of you (8%) chose "I might get one..."
And thankfully, no one picked the bottom choice "Eh... maybe not."

What will the shirts be? Who knows! We'll prob start working on them and unveil them closer to the movie's release date in late June or early July. *finger's crossed*
The poll can still be viewed at the top left of the page, though it is closed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Location Hunting - 3/15/09

This is another update from Sam! Well yesterday me, Will, and Jimmy all drove out to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland to try and scout out some good filming locations. Well, I suppose "drove" out is a bit of an understatement. None of us had actually ever driven there ourselves, and as such we made the brilliant decision to not bring a GPS, map, OR directions!
Thus, we actually drove around completely lost for over an hour, and even tried calling people for directions! We actually filmed a bit of the ordeal, and it might end up in a future "Behind the Scenes" segment.

Thankfully, we finally found our way! Too bad by that time it wasn't bright enough to film anything, it was raining, and on top of that our camera was out of battery. Yes, this was a very poorly planned trip. At least our digital camera we brought still had battery life, which we put to good use by taking some random pictures along the trail. This is a picture of Will being very excited when it was mentioned that we should be safe while running down the trail:

Yeah! Safety!

So we just hiked around the mountain, scouting out places for future filming, and discussing where the story would go once we got to this part of filming. We even took some pictures of possible locales which we can build parts of the script around.

Sometime soon we'll go back up there and start the filming for the scene. What scene, you ask? Well... it wouldn't be very special if we just told everyone! But I can tell you that it involves some minor special effects and it is the start of a long journey me and Will must take! We'll be posting more updates soon! Keep watching for perhaps some big scoops, and maybe even a new trailer!

Happy Trails,


PS - While there aren't any scenes like this in the movie, this is still a cool picture taken on the trail:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Island Wars Teaser

Well many of you may have already seen this on our YouTube page or on our Facebook group, but here's the Island Wars Teaser that was released a while back. We've come a lot further in the movie, but this is the original teaser that was released shortly after filming began! Enjoy!

Check back soon for more Island Wars updates, info, videos, posts, and more!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Graphics Update 3/11 - Ice Scene

Well this is the first "Graphics Update" for the blog, so I guess this is kind of a test run of things! We will each highlight what we're working on for the film in our respective posts, and right now I'm gonna highlight what I've been working on graphics-wise.

Well lately I've been working on a scene we filmed a bit ago where we travel out onto a frozen lake/river. Why? Well... because we need to get to the other side, and there's no way around, of course! It's actually a very complex scene that will include explosions, graphic water, monsters, and more! And the funny thing is, that's not even a joke.

Well the first thing I had to do was edit a short clip of us walking over a hill. It looked good, but needed an arctic/other-worldly feel to it (as we aren't on earth in this scene). So I added in a cool aurora-light type of feature that didn't fit exactly with the real northern lights, but did have enough comparison to be recognizable (click for larger view).

So after some tweaking in particleIllusion, I imported it over to After Effects, where I tracked the camera and set it in the right plac so it would "stick" to the shot. It actually looks really cool in motion!

The next thing I did for the scene was some video/picture editing. In the original shot, me and Will walk over the hill, and the next shot is of us from behind looking out at the lake, talking about how there is "no way around for miles," and we'll have to cross. Now as you can see, in the original shot, you could clearly see a road even going up into the forest. Obviously this could not do!

So I had to take a frame and go to work on it in good ol' Photoshop! Eventually, I was able to edit-out the road, even into the trees, and extend the lake. I then exported the image back to After Effects, where it was motion tracked onto the layer, which you can see below.

As you can see, it turned out very well, especially saying it was taken with some jerky camera movements!

If some of this was over your heads, I apologize. This is only the first post, and I know there are many non-video-gurus out there who have no idea what I'm talking about with some of the above. Not to fear, just know the movie will look great!

In the mean time, I'm currently working on the next part of the ice scene, where the explosions and monster come into play, but that post will have to wait! Look forward to Island Wars, coming this June!

Happy Trails,

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