Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the Votes Are In! Shirts!

Well a bit over a week ago we posted the first poll dealing with Island Wars. We had been pondering for a while whether we should make and sell some Island Wars shirts. We weren't sure if anyone would want one, so we decided to ask you all!

Well 25 of you voted, and it looks like we will be making at least a few Island Wars shirts!

16 of you (64%)picked the top choice "I would totally get one!"
7 of you (24%) chose "I would like it!"
2 of you (8%) chose "I might get one..."
And thankfully, no one picked the bottom choice "Eh... maybe not."

What will the shirts be? Who knows! We'll prob start working on them and unveil them closer to the movie's release date in late June or early July. *finger's crossed*
The poll can still be viewed at the top left of the page, though it is closed.

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