Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Musical Updates!

Hey everybody,

Just an update here on what's happening on the musical side of things.

Island Wars, if you are not aware, is partly a musical/rock opera, I've been writing several songs for the movie, one of which is entitled "I Can't Shake Jake".

The crazy man pictured above is in love with a dog. Yes, it is true, and the song details the amazing tale of there love.
I recently finished up the guitars, drums, effects, etc. I brought Sam into the studio a few days ago and we recorded some harmonies for the chorus. This song is my favorite on the album so far and it's gonna turn out great!

In other musical news, a couple months ago I finished up recording the wonderful song that Sam and I wrote in honor of a little event we like to call Christmas. Here's a little video detailing the vocal recording process. ENJOY (or else) listen to the finished version here: or at

Goodbye Forever,


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