Monday, March 23, 2009

Island Wars Car Chase (First Part, Partly Edited)

Here it is! For those of you who haven't yet seen it, or those who have and want to again! The first part of the Island Wars opening car chase scene!

This clip was actually not supposed to be released so early in the filming process, but through a long line of unusual events *cough* Jimmy putting it on Facebook *cough* the video was released. Since there was such great feedback for the clip, (and the fact that it has over 600 views on YouTube) we decided to keep the clip up online. (Just kidding, Jimmy, we love you)

The car chase has come along way from this clip, with further editing and sound changes and even new footage. The car chase now also includes a chase on foot, a back story, an explosion, more guns, and even more epic Bourne music! But for now, enjoy the partly edited version below!

Check back soon for more Island Wars updates, info, videos, posts, and more!

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