Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trekking Through the Wilderness Day Two

So this is the second part of the "Trekking Through the Wilderness" post! I know you're excited!

So where did we leave off... Well in the last post we discussed the first day. Now, obviously, onto Day Two!

Well we didn't actually do anything until around 4:30. We headed on over to Josh's house to finish up filming the trekking scenes. Oh, and Josh was having a youth party at his house, so once again we got to eat a lot before we went out to film. So then we grabbed our camera, some spray paint, and a hoe, then went out to film!

Will is happy he has a hoe

Since we lost our other gun, we spray painted Will's other airsoft. The scenery was great, and the filming even better in the perfect light! We even got to walk across a sweet fallen tree!

Josh on a log. Sweet.

The trekking scene is gonna be really cool for the movie! I would show you some more screen shots from the actual footage, but why ruin it!? We also had a short fist fight scene between me and Will! Don't worry, there will be a behind the scenes video of what else occurred soon enough!

Yes, Will, we must wait to see more

Well the next post will deal with the infamous "Jimmy Rap!" You all have heard the song (hopefully)! If not, go hear the test version sung by me on our myspace! The final version sung by Jimmy himself, along with the final music video shown in the movie will be released soon as a sort-of behind the scenes preview feature, but you'll get the first info here on the blog! Stay tuned!

Happy Trails,

Ooh aah

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