Friday, May 15, 2009

The Jimmy Rap

It is finally here! The post you've all been waiting for! The Jimmy Rap.

If you haven't heard the rap yet, head on over to our Myspace and check out a demo version sung by me. The final version with Jimmy's vocals will be released soon, along with the finalized "music video" for the song as a sort-of pre-release special. I won't delve too much into the music, as that's Will's area of specialty, and he'll probably put up a post on it soon. But some pointless back story won't hurt, will it?

The famous promo pic of Lil' Grim from Facebook

The song itself was written almost a year ago. While almost every song in the movie was written by me and Will together, this one just happened to have been written by me one night at around midnight. I really have no idea where the inspiration came from. The music itself wasn't made until a few days later, when I sat down with FL Studio for around four hours and made what you now hear on the Myspace.

Gotta love his bling! He's even wearing a cross!

Since then the music has been spiced up quite a bit by Will and Jimmy's vocals have been added in. Surprisingly, the song has become kinda like a cult-classic. And now that we have finally finished the filming of the video for it, hopefully it will become a viral-hit!

Don't even ask.

Well I won't go on anymore about the music, as Will may grace you all with a special look at the actual song soon. Suffice to say, it will be quite a... treat. The only other song so far not written by both of us is the song Jimmy sings later in the movie entitled "Gala." It is also on the Myspace! It was written by Sir Will.

In other news, filming is going quicker than ever now that school sports are over, and I'm gonna start the official editing of the film once all the videos are transferred to my computer.

Happy Trails,

Slim Jim Hotdog McGrim Jr.

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