Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Blooperous Behind the Scenes

Well this is just to inform all of you that we just put up a new Behind the Scenes video over on our YouTube Channel! It's the first in a set of "Blooper Reels" for the Behind the Scenes videos. If you somehow already knew about this, then... good for you! You are either incredibly obsessed with Island Wars, or you are a precog (both of which are cool with us!).

Well you can watch it below, or go check it out here. It's called "Island Wars: Behind the Scenes #3 (Blooper Reel A)." it has a bunch of bloopers from the early filming of the movie, along with some other random bits thrown in. It even has an early test title for Island Wars at the beginning! The music is from the new Star Trek movie and from LOST Season 4, in case anyone wanted to know.

Island Wars: Behind the Scenes #3 (Blooper Reel A)

Hope you enjoy it! Watch for Island Wars coming this June! If you want to automatically receive updates when new videos are uploaded, simply click "Subscribe" on either our Channel page or any of our videos.

Happy Trails,

Making the "Jimmy Loops" commercial theme song

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