Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Island Wars Release and New YouTube Series

Well hello again, guys! What did I tell you in the last post? I told you there would be some big Island Wars updates coming soon, and I wasn't lying. Just as this post's title says, we do have a tentative release date set. Buuut, before you find out when that is, there is even more cool information that you NEED to know about!

First off, we have begun a new weekly video series on YouTube of "Awkward Moments" from Island Wars. They're just short little clips of things that (in some cases taken out of context) just seem funny and/or awkward. Believe me, there are PLENTY, and we hope to keep this series up until the film releases on... wait a second! There's still more information before you get to figure out the release date! But seriously, go watch it, rate it, and comment on it! Oh and while you're there click the "Subscribe" button on the video description. The video itself is below.

Second, we FINALLY have got the Facebook "Fan Page" up and running for Island Wars earlier today. Go on the page and click "Become a Fan" and any status updates or new info can be shown on your homepage just like any of your friends' status updates! I invited a bunch of people, but we need everyone to also invite their friends. There is a Fan Page Box below, which shows live updates from the fan page.

Island Wars on Facebook

Let's get the word out about Island Wars and expand the fan base! We only have until the film releases in... well I suppose it's finally time for the tentative release date to be revealed. You all HAVE waited long enough, and have even had to read this entire post. Thus, (drum roll please!)

Island Wars will be released this winter break! Woohoo! We think it seems like the best time to release it. It will give us time to work out any of the kinks in production, and many of the fans who are looking forward to it will be home from college by then. Don't worry, we plan to show it more than once, and hopefully produce DVD's for people to take with them. Along with this we hope to also release the film online after it's first few airings, though we are still looking for the best way to do this. More info will be coming soon, so STAY TUNED!

Happy Trails,

(PS the "Facebook Fan Box" shown in this post is also permanently at the very bottom of this page, and there is also a constant "Twitter Updates" feed on the top left of this page. Once again, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!)

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