Thursday, October 1, 2009

Better Late Than Never! (I Hope...)

Well, this post is a little late. Actually it's not only late in the respect that we said we'd have it up a few days ago, but also that I'm starting to write this at midnight! Get it? It's "punny".

Anyways, we are here to bring yet another update. Actually this time we have THREE updates. First off we'd like to mention the Facebook Fan Page. Although it's still great, it seems our recruiting rate has severely decreased! Right now we have 133 fans, though, and that is still something to be proud of.

Another update: I FINALLY HAVE ALL OF THE FOOTAGE ON ONE HARD DRIVE HERE ON CAMPUS! Though some of you may not find that update as interesting, it is extremely important in the post-production phase. Before, I had half of the footage we had filmed on my external drive here at school, and the other half of it stored on a different hard drive back home. This obviously made it incredibly hard to edit the movie as a whole. In short: editing will commence at a much faster rate now!

The third update isn't as much an update as it is a reminder about the "Jimmy Rap." As we have announced previously, we will release the Jimmy Rap once the Facebook Fan Page reaches 150 fans. Saying that right now we're at 133, that goal isn't that far off. To be honest, the editing for the video isn't complete yet, but I will try everything I know how to get it done by the 150-fan-mark! All that's left is for you guys to INVITE INVITE INVITE!

Also if you guys were wondering where the "Island Wars Awkward Moment" was this week, we decided to wait until this Sunday to release the next installment. Plus, we just finished a new trailer for you guys anyway, so don't be complainin'! We'll have more info for you guys soon!

Happy Trails,

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