Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jimmy & Jake at breakfast -- new scene stuff

The new weekly YouTube Island Wars scene was just put up last night, and here it is! It's a scene of Jimmy coming downstairs to find that his dog, Jake, has already made breakfast for him and everything! What a nice dog.

Wow, what a strange, questionably edited scene! Enjoyy!

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Island Wars clips every week!

That's right, we've started putting up clips of Island Wars every week over on our YouTube channel. They'll be going up from now until eternity (or at least until we've put up the entirety of what was filmed). So go head on over to our page and check it out. The first two videos are already up, with a new one coming Thursday! Check em out below, as well...

The long awaited Jimmy Rap!! (what was filmed of it)

And also part of the awesome scene that takes place during Jimmy's evil "Gala"

Happy Trails,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update con Graphics

Hey guys! Quick update from Island Wars! Yeah it still exists... sort of. Just FYI for everyone it's definitely going to be out this summer, so get ready for the ultimate thrill ride of a movie that's been SO LONG in the making that you probably should even care anymore!! Excited yet? Yeah, SO AM I!!!

So with that said, I thought I'd share a little random info that will probably only be interesting if you're dead tired and it's 3 AM like I am. It has to do with graphics. That's right, below you will find TWO ACTUAL SCREEN SHOTS FROM ISLAND WARS! Actually that's a complete lie, the two screen shots are from a scene we actually decided to cut originally. I just felt very inspired two days ago and decided to make a little test sequence anyways. Yeah that's right, not even the two images below are fully finished yet. And if it looks good enough, who knows, we might just add it back into the film.

The story behind the pictures: Without revealing too much, in the first picture we are obviously traveling through space in a Star Trek shuttle craft. In the second, we have come across some sort of wormhole/rip in space, and we're about to get sucked in! AHHHHIEEIGFH#@!(YRPODN!CFF!#PO2Y

So anyways enjoy! For those of you who want more info on how I made the two pictures, check out the post I put up over on the Umbrellaman Studios blog. It has all the details and specs. Also we have a LOST podcast up on iTunes and are doing a side-project. Lastly, I have up my own site and blog at, so go check it out and say "Hi!"

Happy Trails,

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